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If your electric bike is not equipped with a central motor (for example, the motor is in the wheel), you can not install a debriding kit.


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How does tuning work ?

Electric bikes are flanged at 25 km / h. This means that as soon as you pedal beyond 25 km / h, the engine stops running.

The unclamping kit avoids this, once installed you can ride with your engine beyond 25 km / h regulations. There are internal kits (which connect directly to your engine) and external kits (which attach to the frame). Each motor works differently, so it's important to choose the right set of power tools according to the electrical installation of your VAE.

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Frequently asked Questions

Is my engine still guaranteed?

The presence of a kit automatically voids the warranty you have on your engine. If you remove the kit, your bicycle dealer may recognize that you have unplugged your engine.

What is the impact on the autonomy of my VAE?

The autonomy of your electric bike depends on your behavior, whether you have a kit or not. For example, if you pedal steadily at 35 km / h, you will use less battery than a person who selects a "Sport" mode and pedaling little. Also, badly depends on the terrain, the wind and the maintenance of your battery. A regularly charged battery is a battery that lasts longer.

What is the maximum speed once unbridled?

Unclamping kits partially partially debridize your engine. Each manufacturer has its own characteristics. Once boosted you can at least roll up to 45 km / h with assistance. Some kits remove the original limit, which allows you to be assisted while you pedal.

How do I know if my Bosch kit is compatible?

You will find all the necessary information on the product sheets of the different kits. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact me by communicating the model of your bike.

Is the installation of the kit easy?

It depends. If you are a minimum handyman, it's quite simple and fast. External kits are easier to install but do not display your actual speed. If you want to purchase an internal kit that plugs directly into your engine, you will need a crank puller.

Can I return my bike to its original condition?

All kits can be removed as they are installed.The operation is therefore totally reversible. Once removed, your electric bike returns to its original operation, namely a speed with limited assistance to 25 km / h.

Is the Bosch kit likely to damage my engine?

Riding beyond 25 km / h does not mean that you will damage your engine. The kit allows your engine to deliver the power it is capable of whatever your speed. You do not risk overheating. Especially since it designs very powerful and very resistant motors and batteries.

should I insure my bike?

Electrically assisted bike tuning turns your power-assisted bike into a moped at road regulations. If you drive on a private road, you do not have to make sure. If you use public roads, you must comply with the regulations in force. In France, it is about rolling, insured, registered and with a helmet. Otherwise you risk a fine.


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