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Speedbox 1 Kit for Bafang MaxDrive Engine

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  • Speed ​​Displayed: Displays half the actual speed
  • Maximum speed: 50 km / h (displays 25 km / h)

Activation and deactivation is done by briefly pressing the button for lighting on the control panel, or possibly pressing the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously. When you press this button, the light icon appears on the screen. This means that the SpeedBox is activated on your Bafang MaxDrive engine and the additional assistance of the electric bike now works up to 50 km / h. After pressing the button, the active light icon disappears. This means that the SpeedBox is off and everything works like it's not there.

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The Bafang MaxDrive engine in pictures

Further information



Driving control


Visible kit



Unbridled motor

Bafang MaxDrive

Installation level


Speed ​​displayed

Speed ​​divided by 2

Max speed

50 km / h

Activation button



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