Speedbox 2 Kit for Yamaha PW-SE Engine


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  • Speed ​​Limiter: Displays your actual speed
  • Maximum speed with assistance: no limit
  • Activation mode: Walk Assist button

The 2 SpeedBox for your Yamaha PW-SE engine is activated by pressing the WALK button on the control panel. As soon as you press, it will appear for 2 seconds, the speed of 9,9 km / h on the dashboard. This tells you that the 2 Speedbox is enabled. The assistance of your bike will not be restrained and it will assist you continuously regardless of the speed of your electric bike.

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The 2 Speedbox Kit for Yamaha PW-SE engine (Special Edition) is an electronic module equipped with a microprocessor. It allows to assist the cyclist beyond the 25 km / h regulations by unleashing the electric bike. The engine continues to assist the cyclist regardless of the actual speed of the bike. This module is very easy to install because the connectors fit perfectly with those of origin (the connectors remain well sealed). Once the motor is reassembled, the module is housed in the housing and thus totally invisible. Removal of the unclamping kit is possible by performing the reverse operation.

You have no settings to make and the 2 speedbox kit is powered by the electricity delivered by your battery. The speedometer on your electric bike continues to display actual data (average speed, instantaneous speed, kilometers traveled ...)

Installation of SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-SE engine step by step:

  1. Turn off the electric bike
  2. Disconnect the battery from the electric bike.
  3. Disassemble all parts of the electric bike to gain access to the motor connectors.
  4. Disconnect the connectors on the motor cable to the speed sensor and motor to the display.
  5. Connect the Yamaha PW-SE 2 SpeedBox to the disconnected connectors.
  6. Restore the engine.
  7. Connect (connect) the battery to the electric bike.
  8. Turn on the electric bike.
  9. Activate / deactivate the Yamaha PW-SE 2 SpeedBox by pressing the WALK button.

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