2 Speedbox Kit for Yamaha Giant 2015-2016 Engine

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  • Speed ​​Limiter: Displays your actual speed
  • Maximum speed with assistance: from 50 km / h
  • Activation mode: Lighting button or combination "Up" - "Down"
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Using the kit

The SpeedBox2 for your Yamaha Giant engine (2015-2016 year) starts when you press the dashboard light button. As soon as you press, appears for 2 seconds on the dashboard the speed of 5,5 km / h. This means that Speedbox 2 voting is active. You can ride with assistance up to the speed of 50 km / h.

To stop the Speedbox 2, just press the light button on your bike again. The speed of 2,5 km / h will be displayed. This means that your bike is locked again and that the assistance of your Yamaha engine will stop automatically as soon as you exceed the speed of 25 km / h.

You can continue to control the lighting of your electric bike with the light button provided for this purpose. To independently manage the 2 Speedbox for lighting, you can enable or disable the Speedbox by combining UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN (combination to be performed in less than 2 seconds).

Detailed operation

This kit works for Giant electric bicycles equipped with a Yamaha engine. To activate or deactivate the kit, simply follow the indicated instructions. You have no settings to make and the 2 speedbox kit is powered by the electricity delivered by your battery. The speedometer of your VAE GIANT (from 2015 or 2016) displays the actual data (average speed, instantaneous speed, kilometers traveled ...)

The 2 Speedbox Kit for Yamaha Giant engine (2015-2016) is an electronic module equipped with a microprocessor. It allows to assist the cyclist beyond the 25 km / h regulations by unleashing the Giant VAE equipped with a Ride Control console. The engine continues to assist the cyclist up to 50 km / h. This module is very easy to install because the connectors fit perfectly with those of origin (the connectors remain well sealed). Once the motor is reassembled, the module is housed in the housing and thus totally invisible. The removal of the unclamping kit is quite possible by performing the reverse operation.

Installation tutorial

  1. Turn off the electric bike
  2. Disconnect the battery from the electric bike.
  3. Disassemble all parts of the electric bike to gain access to the motor connectors.
  4. Disconnect the connectors on the motor cable to the speed sensor and motor to the display.
  5. Connect the 2 Giant Charge SpeedBox to the disconnected connectors.
  6. Restore the engine.
  7. Connect (connect) the battery to the electric bike.
  8. Turn on the electric bike.
  9. Enable / Disable the 2 Giant Charge SpeedBox by pressing the LIGHT button or the combination of the Up and Down buttons.

The Giant VAE engine products before 2016 is designed in partnership with Yamaha. The brand "YAMAHA" is written on the engine.

Play the video

Compatible engine and command

Yamaha engine - Ride control console

More information

More information



Driving control


Visible kit



Unbridled motor

Giant 2015-2016, Giant 2017-2018 (EVO)

Installation level


Speed ​​displayed

Actual speed

Max speed

50 km / h

Activation button


2 reviews for 2 Speedbox Kit for Yamaha Giant 2015-2016 Engine

  1. Pierre L -

    Works correctly. Thanks for your advice.

  2. Georges M (Customer confirmed) -

    super product but small snag all 1.5 .2km half speed is displayed for 2.3 seconds. Ultra fast delivery order Wednesday night 21h product received on Friday morning 11h.

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