Badassebike is the only manufacturer of external debriding kit. With several years of experience in the field, this manufacturer has recently launched the 4e kit version. The outer casing is thinner, well sealed and easy to install. this last advantage is the strong point of Badassebike. Indeed, no need to access the engine block to unleash his electric bike since the kit is placed on the frame and does not connect to any cable.

Compatible engines

Lilibike references the latest models. These models are compatible with the engines:

  • Bosch: All generations
  • Yamaha: All generations
  • Shimano: 2 kits depending on whether you have an electronic derailleur or not

How to install a Badassbox?

To install his badassbox, just follow the few steps indicated on the product sheet. The process is very simple, you do not need any tools.

In a nutshell, each Badassbox is placed near the magnet of your electric bike. A battery provided, feeds the badassbox that modifies the signal transmitted to your engine.

Thus, as soon as you exceed the 18 km / h, the badassbox modifies the information so that your engine records an instantaneous speed divided by 2. Thus, you can ride with assistance up to about 45 km / h with assistance.