Speedbox Unpacking Kits are internal kits. Each model consists of a micro-processor that connects directly to the engine of your electric bike. Once the kit connected in series between your engine and your controller, you can benefit from an electrical assistance beyond the 235 km / h regulations. Note however that you will be considered a moped and you must therefore comply with the legislation in force.

The different speedbox kits

The 1 SpeedBox is the first version of the clutch kit. The kit allows you to drive up to 50km / h with electric assistance. The speed displayed on the screen is not your actual speed. The display shows your speed divided by 2. Example: The display shows 20 km / h, you actually drive at 40 km / h. The installation is very simple whatever your engine.

The 2 SpeedBox is the second version of the release kit. The kit assists you whatever your pedaling rate (pedaling assistance not limited by the speed of the bike). The speed displayed on the screen corresponds to your actual speed. unlike the Speedbox which displays half the actual speed. The display shows 20 km / h? If you drive at 40 km / h with assistance, your display will show 40 km / h The installation is very simple whatever your engine.

The PLATINUM SpeedBox for Bosch is a revolutionary module controlled by the processor, which removes the speed limiter of your electric bike. The display always shows the actual data! Data such as maximum speed, average speed, daily distance traveled and arrival are displayed correctly. Editing is the same as for the 2 Speedbox.

Engine compatibility

The speedbox kits are compatible with the engines:

  • Bosch: Active, Axctive Line Plus, Performance, Performance CX
  • Yamaha: PW, PW-X, PW-SE
  • Giant: SyncDrive, Sport, Pro
  • Kalkhoof: Impulse and Impulse RS
  • Brose
  • Bafang: MAxDrive
  • Shimano: E6000, E8000, E800 Di2

Installation tutorial

To properly install a speedbox kit, it is necessary to follow each step explained on our product sheets. Depending on the Speedbox model, you will have 3 or 4 cables to connect.

  1. To access the cables, unscrew the motor from the frame so that it can be tilted to reveal the wiring.
  2. Kit plugs have specific tips to avoid connecting 2 bad plugs together. If it does not fit, it's not good.
  3. To connect a kit, you must disconnect 2 existing white connectors and place your kit in series, between these connections.