Shimano tuning Kit

Stopping your engine shimano steps beyond 25 km / h annoys you? Lilibike brings you a reliable and efficient alternative to benefit from electric assistance beyond this speed. Whatever your model of electric bike, if it is equipped with a shimano engine, we can advise you and provide you with a solution. As an E-Commerce professional, you benefit from a service panel to purchase your Shimano kit with confidence.

Shimano, historical player in the world of cycling

With almost 100 years of experience, Shimano's reputation is second to none. Undisputed leader in the design of bicycle accessories, Shimano is recognized for the quality of its derailleurs, brakes, joysticks, pedals, tires ... Although the cycles activity is not the only one, it nevertheless represents more than 60% of the volume. of the brand.

Shimano is best known for its derailers, especially Deore models for the world of mountain biking, and more recently, the electronic derailleurs (Di2). In 2018, shimano's turnover is around 3 billion euros. Undisputed sponsor in the world of cycling, shimano team near 75 cycle professionals.

Shimano Compatible Unclamping Kits

BadassboxShimanoExternal kit for mechanical derailleur
BadassboxShimano FreezeExternal kit for electronic derailleur
PeartuneShimano E8000Internal kit for shimano steps E8000 motor

Electric bike brands equipped with Bosch motors

BMC, Canyon, Focus, Scott, Merida, O2Feel, Orbea, Bulls, Eveo, City Bike, KTM, Cannondale

Dashboards and Shimano batteries

The different Shimano engines

E6000 Steps

With a torque of 50 Nm 250 Watts, this engine provides a flexible and lively support. The perfect companion for the city.

E6100 Steps

For dynamic urban support, this 60 Nm engine is ideal.

E7000 Steps

Adapted to off-road, this engine with 60 Nm allows you to overcome many obstacles.

E8000 Steps

A tonic engine of 70 Nm that supports you on all terrains.

How to unleash a Shimano engine?

E-bikes are limited to 25 km / h or slightly more depending on the country. To comply with the law, flange builders design electronic systems that automatically stop your engine beyond a certain speed.

If this bothers you, there are several ways to change the original behavior of your engine. The preferred system for issues of reliability and performance is the installation of a debriding kit. There are internal and external kits. Below are the peculiarities of each installation.

Internal installation

  1. Separate the Shimano Steps engine from your bike
  2. Access the cables that are connected to your engine.
  3. Connect the kit between the existing wiring
  4. The activation / deactivation of the Shimano kit is controlled from your handlebars

External installation

  1. Identify on the rear frame, the location of the kit (at the speed sensor)
  2. Feed your Shimano kit with the battery and simply fix the kit on the speed sensor-
  3. Your Shimano engine is unbridled permanently

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